A Natural Hair Emoji May Be Coming Soon & Its About Damn Time

Some are loving the representation, others wish the new emoji was having a better hair day.


She used to spend hours every day trying to look more like her blonde friends, until she finally let go of society's standard of beauty.

Ruby Rose Has a Message for People Who Criticize Her Acne

"This acne belongs to me, not them." 🙌🙌🙌🙌

Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Botox

Don't make these mistakes!

21 Styles You Need To Learn If You're Transitioning To Natural Hair

Trying to tame your new texture?


Meet Pantone's Color Of The Year 2018.

"Complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now." Sign us up for some of that in the New Year! 🔮


Thank you, TIME — and thank you to every brave person who spoke up and spoke out, and to every ally in this movement.

Why This Woman Is Creating Powerful Art With Her Hair

She's using her hair to make a statement on everything from sexual assault to gun violence.

Model Lauren Wasser Lost Her Leg. Here's How She Turned That Loss Into A New State Of Mind.

Lauren Wasser not only found a whole new perspective on life, but a new life purpose.

This College Student's Rare Birthmark Is Going Viral for the BEST Reason

She's inspiring others to love themselves "flaws" and all.

Gabrielle Union Wants Everyone to Stop Putting Limits on Black Women's Beauty

"The idea that how you wear your hair somehow relates to your character, your intelligence, or your wokeness is bull$*%t."

The Internet Is Already Having to Defend Prince Harry's Fiancée Meghan Markle Against Racist Trolls

Should the fact that Meghan Markle is biracial even matter?



The High-Maintenance French Beauty Regimen

For something "effortless", it sure takes a lot of work!


Just like makeup, skin care has changed A LOT over the last 100 years.

Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Named an Invention of the Year Because It's *the* Invention of the Year

FentyBeauty shares the 2017 title with some pretty big innovations!

Amber Heard on Aging: "What an Honor to Grow Into Your Face"

Amber Heard may appear to meet society's beauty standards, but that doesn't make her immune to sexism in Hollywood.

Viola Davis Won't Let Her Daughter Dress Like a Princess Unless She Has Natural Hair

Viola Davis wants her daughter to feel like a superhero even before she puts on a cape.

This New Makeup-Removing App Wants To Destroy Your Self-Esteem — & We're Not Here For It

The app claims to show users "the real you", but many are finding its "Removal" feature problematic.

Christie Brinkley Talks Injections and Why Women Shouldn't Be Ashamed

Is it time to end the stigma and secrecy surrounding injectables?

Solange Speaks About Her "Rise and Fall" While Accepting Her WOTY Award

Watch Solange share her inspiring and motivating definition of living fearlessly at Glamour WOTY 2017.


This is HUGE!

Why These Women Want To Take The "Dread" Out Of "Dreadlocks"

"It’s been the best journey ever..."


Would love to see a follow-up video titled "100 Years Of Awkwardly Growing Out Your Bangs":

Celebrity Makeup Artists Share Their Top Makeup Tips for Dark Skin Tones

This common mistake could be the difference between finding the perfect foundation match and one that's just okay:


Issa Rae is us anytime we're asked to go clubbing.

How The Lipstick Lobby Is Using Lipstick to Influence Activism

"We’re not saying lipstick is going to change the world. What we’re saying is, this is a small way to stand up for yourself and a small way to join the resistance." 💋✊

4 Men Who Love Makeup Open Up About Gender Stereotypes

"I just wish brands would give all sexes a choice, instead of solely targeting women, because they are missing a huge demographic."

Liya Kebede Is the Face of Calvin Klein’s Eternity Fragrance Campaign

At almost 40, Liya Kebede refuses to feel held back by age.

5 Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks Made For Monolids

Everyone who worked on this Allure shoot — from the photographer to the hair stylist — is of East Asian decent.

Issa Rae on Landing CoverGirl: "People Feel Represented In a Way They Hadn’t Before"

Issa Rae finally convinced her mom to start watching her show Insecure — with a little help from Michelle Obama, of course.

DIY Pumpkin Face Mask

After all that Halloween makeup, *treat* your skin right with this pumpkin face mask.

Let's Talk About Cultural Appropriation and Beauty

"What’s interesting are all the times where cultural appropriation isn’t reported; it’s just accepted."

The Best Highlighters For Dark Skin

Does your highlighter look chalky or overly sparkly? It was probably made for fairer complexions.

10 Halloween Makeup Ideas That Aren't a Cliché

No need to go into Halloween costume panic-mode this year. 🎃😱

This Beauty Blogger Convinced Too Faced Cosmetics to Be More Inclusive

Jackie Aina saw things needed to change, and used her voice to make that happen.


"...it's the only face you have honey."

What It Means To Be Told You Have "Pelo Malo" — & Why It's Changing

"It made me never want to leave the house with my natural hair."

Halloween Snapchat Deer Filter Makeup Tutorial

Does your brain need a break from the current woes of the world? Just remind yourself Halloween is only 2 weeks away. Here's how to pull off this a-DOE-able costume!

I Was Cyberbullied About My Nose—Here's How I Got Over It

Spoiler alert: Self-love wins in the end. (It always does!)

Covergirl's Slogan Isn't 'Easy, Breezy, Beautiful' Anymore & The Change Is Refreshing

We hope COVERGIRL's new slogan is a sign of things to come in the beauty industry.

How YouTube Makeup Tutorials Helped Me Survive High School

Show of hands, how many "Older Millennials" wish YouTube makeup tutorials were around when you were in high school?

Why Lipstick Is The Only Makeup I Wear

Why Maggie Gyllenhaal brings lipstick with her everywhere — even to the Women's March.

I'm a Hairy Woman in America, and This Is What It Taught Me About Assimilation

In the midst of all the plucking, waxing and shaving, have you ever stopped to ask yourself, "Why am I doing this?"

Lucy Harvey Stylist

If you're looking for tattoo removal check out Tribe Tattoo.

Check out these new tampons revolutionising the way China views feminity through their branding.