Your 2018 Coachella Ticket Box has arrived — now it's time to figure out how your hair.

Emma González On Why She Shaved Her Head

She made a Powerpoint presentation to convince her parents to let her do it. (!!!)

Long-Lasting Makeup That Will Last All Night And Tomorrow Morning

Hot and steamy can spell disaster for date makeup — but not with these hookup-friendly products. 💋

CoverGirl Featured Their First Ever Model With Vitiligo in a Stunning New Ad

“Representation is important.” We couldn’t agree more!

Are These Expensive Vegan Face Masks Worth It? An Investigation

3 plant-based face masks worth giving a sheet about.


“I’d like to dispel the myth that I’m a victim of gun violence, cause I’m a survivor of gun violence.”

The heart wants what it wants.

Perfect Curly Hair Cut Starts With Knowing Your 'Curl Code.'

Don't get another haircut until you read this!

49 Compliments We'd Rather Hear Than "You're Pretty"

It's not that there's anything wrong with "You're pretty." It's just you're so much MORE than that.

Why the Beauty Looks of "Black Panther" Are So Important

As if we needed another reason to love Black Panther.


Apply your bronzer like you're going for the gold. 🥇

Hot and steamy can spell disaster for Valentine’s Day date makeup — not with these hookup-friendly products:

NYFW Makeup Trends

Flip it and reverse it! New York Fashion Week 2018 is all about the upside-down liner. Wanna give this trend a try? Celeb makeup artist Kim Do recommends using MAC Cosmetics eye kohl liners (especially the blues).

Notice anything different about this model? She's 100% CGI. Considering that more and more beauty brands are going Photoshop-free, what are your thoughts on a model that's completely fake?

We Need to Stop Judging Women for Getting Plastic Surgery

"The ultimate goal is a shift in social attitudes that would enable all women (and men) to live confidently in the bodies they come in, at all ages." Agree?


A little heart-shaped braid-spiration, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Your Perfect Nude Lipstick Is the Color of Your Nipples — But There's a Catch

Um, how am I supposed to test this at the makeup counter?

This Blogger Transformed Her Cystic Acne Into Tiny Hearts

Cute, creative and an amazing example of self-acceptance.

If You Can't Find a Foundation for Your Skin Tone, Try These Brands

A perfect match for every skin tone — and budget.


"...true beauty is being okay with who *you* are."

Ashley Graham shares powerful life lessons she wished she had learned way earlier to a crowd of teenage girls.

It's been 14 years since Janet Jackson's Super Bowl "wardrobe malfunction," and it's still not right how she was blamed

Looking back at "Nipplegate" through the lens of the Time's Up movement, do you feel the incident was handled fairly?

How Selfies Are Impacting the Plastic Surgery Industry in a MAJOR Way

Social media isn't just shaping how we view others, it's shaping how we see ourselves.

Can you guess why this cover of Vogue Italia made history? Gisele Bündchen became the first model to pose for the magazine with zero makeup or hairstyling (while in her sweats!). What are your thoughts on going makeup-free?

I'm An Olympic Athlete — & Wearing Makeup During Competition Gives Me Power

"I don't use makeup to hide behind anything — I use it to make me feel powerful." — Aja L Evans, U.S. Olympic bobsledder

Beauty’s New High: CBD Oil

It's been said to help with everything from acne to anxiety. Have you given CBD oil a try?

Power of Positivity

You will never look at your gray hair, the first sign of wrinkles or any perceived imperfection the same way again.

HuffPost Life

Kesha's brave and moving performance brought the Time's Up movement to the Grammy Awards stage.

Stars Wear All-White at the Grammys During Powerful Rendition of Kesha's 'Praying'

Kesha's Grammy performance was an incredible example of what happens when women stand up, and fight along side one another.

INSIDER beauty

When you're ready to take self-care to the next level.
(Also, brb booking a back facial appointment!)

​Jackie Aina Challenges Racism in the Beauty Industry with a Black and White Tutorial

Watch — and wait for Jackie Aina's big reveal:

This New Unretouched Beauty Campaign Is Exactly What Women Need to See

BABOR's new campaign aims to be more "inspiration" than "aspiration".

Ashley Graham Is Now the Face of Revlon, and It's a Huge Win for Size Inclusion

One more step towards inclusive beauty!

These Portraits of People With Acne Are a Powerful Reminder of How Normal It Is

"The whole point of me posting is to help empower other people."


Have you tried monomakeup yet?

Women's March on Washington...What's the Point?

One small idea, became a global Women's March. And a single march, became a movement. What's next?

Makeup Looks For When It's Cold Out

You can still feel smokin' hot, even when it's below freezing.

Together, we march for equality, justice and a brighter future. #womensmarch2018

🎨: @Libby VanderPloeg


"My state of being is just unique..."


As we remember Martin Luther King, Jr. today, we find ourselves thinking of this quote by his wife, amazing civil rights leader Coretta Scott King which seems to resonate now more than ever:

"I am convinced that the women of the world, united without any regard for national or racial dimensions, can become a most powerful force for international peace and brotherhood."

We Tried This "Invisible" Sunscreen on 4 Different Skin Tones

A sunscreen compatible with every skin tone? We're listening...

7 Easy Ways to Style Textured, Curly, or Wavy Hair

Rule #1: Embrace the frizz.

British Vogue invites us to "Meet The New Suffragettes", but some are still feeling excluded from the inclusion movement.

"When this exclusion happens often, it eventually finds a place inside of you: a shameful message that you’re not quite like other women." Read more from Frances Ryan's Op-Ed in The Guardian:


What is your greatest hope for 2018?

5 Makeup Tips For Men BY Men Who Wear Makeup

"Brow powder is your best friend when you have a beard!"

Why I Regret Plucking My Unibrow To Get Modeling Jobs

Is there a feature you wish you'd accepted instead of trying to change it?

Why That Winona Ryder Shampoo Commercial Stirred Up Such a Frenzy

Did you find the L'Oréal Paris ad pitch perfect or tone deaf?

Lucy Harvey Stylist

If you're looking for tattoo removal check out Tribe Tattoo.

Check out these new tampons revolutionising the way China views feminity through their branding.